Sylvain Doreau, the founder of Spacecargo, is a director & producer.

Establishing himself as a multidisciplinary filmmaker, he has a 30 years of experience in high end realistic and cartoon CG animation, complex live action VFX projects and games. He’s committed to the idea that bold imagery, imaginative staging and solid performances not only support but drive and define great storytelling, regardless of format.

Whether they be live action VFX or CG commercials, games trailers and cinematics, CG animated features & television shows, music videos, Art and VR projects, he has constantly strived to define and infuse a particular style for each narrative genre that he engages with.

Over the last two decades, he had developed an extensive catalog of narrative films, TV series and short projets: He has shipped 30+ AAA games, directed over 100 game cinematics, high end CG & trailers while he was a staff Director for EA, LucasArts and recently, Activision.

There, as the publisher's supervising director and producer, he directed and produced cinematics for 20 AAA games, directly contributing to the billion dollar franchises, Call of Duty, Skylanders, Destiny.

Prior to Activision, while working at ILM & Lucasfilm and the Skywalker ranch, he had the unique opportunity to directly collaborate with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and do previs on films and Emmy award winning animated series (Clone Wars, Indiana Jones, Red Tails, Strange Magic).

Before joining the game industry as cinematics director at EA in 2001, he worked at PDI/DreamWorks Animation’s previs department on Shrek, the first Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature, as well as Antz, the second CG feature animation produced after Toy Story.

He started his carrer in France where he was one of pioneers of French animation. He co-founded the CG animation studio Videosystems-Medialab in Paris in the early 1990's. There, he led CG teams on CG animated features (Moebius "Starwatcher") and Emmy Awards winning CG animated TV series. Medialab also pioneered VR, performance capture projects and virtual production.

Sylvain studied Fine Arts and Philosophy, before graduating form the ESRA Film school in Paris as a director, with a minor in cinematography.