Spacecargo is the creative home of director/creative producer Sylvain Doreau.

Spacecargo provides creative services to advertising agencies, game publishers, film and television producers. We specialize in live action/VFX and high-end realistic CG animation.

We deliver full end-to-end as well as a-la-carte services.


  • Treatments development, style guides, mood boards, color guides, visual and historical research

  • Art-Department and Visual development services

  • Pitch & presentation packages

  • Previs


Spacecargo will help you direct your project every step of the way

  • Live action direction

  • VFX & Post vendors and post production evaluation & bidding

  • outsourcing production and creative management

  • Performance capture and mocap direction

  • Games and interactive/VR content

  • Virtual production & cinematography


  • Editorial

  • VFX Creative direction and reviews

  • Color, composting, audio supervision